Representation of corporate clients requires an understanding of the client’s business model, mission, and industry. The lawyers at Bertone Piccini understand our client’s business ideals and goals, identifies their needs and issues, and discover where opportunities might exist for our clients.

Only with exclusive insight into our client’s issues can we implement solutions based on first-hand knowledge. It is authentic intelligence that drives our Firm’s business strategies.  Our well-planned client teams allow our Firm to streamline efforts, facilitate further communication between lawyers and the client, and institutionalize the client. They also help with associate training, mentoring and recruiting.

The level of direct and indirect interaction between a business owner or corporate counsel and an outside law firm is the single biggest differentiator between firms that are successful and firms that are not. Many law firms are only reactive (responding only to a particular client’s needs in one particular situation) rather than proactive (developing solutions based on ongoing trends and issues that will satisfy a wide range of needs for the client).  We believe that we must understand what is of utmost concern in our client’s business from a legal perspective in order to fully serve the client’s interests.

The traditional structure of American law firms offers another answer to the focus on reactive rather than proactive models of service. Most firms distribute profits to their partners each year rather than reinvesting money for future development. And the most profitable partners have considerable power to shift firms, reducing their interest in investments that will benefit their current firm. In general, American law firms seem to operate on a “lone cowboy” model rather than one of collaboration.

Bertone Piccini resolves this “teamwork” dilemma in a simple way: the “Client-Team Approach.”  Our Firm’s Client-Team Approach is not a one-size-fits-all set of solutions that would simply require our professionals to return client phone calls promptly, but rather a customized approach that gets our professionals up close and personal with client personnel, where our professionals become one with them, and the dividing line between Firm professionals and the client becomes unclear.  This approach is not a surprise to our Firm’s current clients.

Finding ways to engage and collaborate with clients not only results in better relationships for the Firm, but also in higher satisfaction levels on both sides of the relationship.  The lawyers at Bertone Piccini are interested in our clients’ new products, services, and technologies; in our clients’ new transactions and opportunities; and most importantly, in our clients’ successes.

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