Our Firm’s attitude toward associate interaction with clients and overall attorney and non-attorney engagement and empowerment with all aspects of client matters sets our Firm apart from the norm of “Partner-Only-Interaction” and allows our legal professionals to grow and to learn about a client’s business and industry, which helps to provide better client solutions in the long run.

Our Firm understands that when senior lawyers are not encouraging younger associates and legal professionals to build relationships with their clients, it can lead to an impression that the firm has a territorial culture or lack of interest in developing its juniors, neither of which serves the client’s best interests.

Professional Development

Our Firm recognizes the importance of training our attorneys on a variety of topics and ensuring that they develop close working relationships with more senior attorneys. We want all of our attorneys to thrive and succeed and we regularly review our practices and policies to enhance our attorneys’ professional development and overall work experience.

We believe that the best training generally comes through experience, and so we emphasize giving each attorney challenging and varied work from the start. However, we also supplement these efforts with more formal training, both in-house and through external sources such as the continued legal education courses, leadership development activities, and clinical training requirements. We strive to provide our professionals with timely and constructive feedback on individual projects in addition to conducting comprehensive performance reviews twice each year. These formal, semi-annual reviews also focus on the individuals’ professional development goals, progress, and strategy for the future.

Balancing Work and Personal Time

Our flexible hours policy is open to all attorneys. Bertone Piccini has no hesitation in offering flexible and/or reduced hours based on personal goals and circumstances.  Whenever possible, our Firm allows attorneys to telecommute.

Family will always come first. Rest, time and re-bonding with family and friends is important to nurture the body, mind, soul and spirit. Vacations are crucial, and are not only recommended, but required in an event to ensure that all Bertone Piccini professionals serve, act and react to our clients at the highest level possible.  But because we live in a world that never sleeps, and because sometimes our clients demand immediate legal and problem-solving services, our know-how and judgment is often called-on at unconventional to render advice. When duty calls, our professionals answer. In order to balance the pull of work/life balance in a service based industry, our Client-Team Approach allows other members of a client team to act and react when our Firm is called to duty, allowing for individual members to balance life and personal obligations in a staggered manner.

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