A truly diverse environment is one in which everyone is a teacher—and also a learner.  This philosophy is the basis of the mentorship program at our Firm.

All of our lawyers are paired with a senior associate or partner advisor who share similar interests and backgrounds. While the formality of this effort is necessary, we find that many of our lawyers find natural mentors.  Our collegial nature ensures that doors are always open, and questions—no matter the nature—are always answered.  Each of our attorneys is evaluated on professional growth and Firm citizenship as part of our formal review process.

Bertone Piccini devotes substantial resources and time to associate development and training. Through formal mentoring programs, a comprehensive curriculum of training courses offered as part of Bertone Piccini training and mentoring program, and specific practice group training, our associates are offered many opportunities to both develop and enhance their professional skills.  Firm management continually analyze our existing development and training programs, looking for opportunities to create new programs that will aid in the success of our associates, as practicing attorneys and within the Firm itself.

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