Outside General Counsel

Outside General Counsel:
Outside General Counsel Services

Bertone Piccini LLP offers “Outside General Counsel” services to business clients of all kinds. These services offer small and mid-size businesses the opportunity to have an attorney “on-call”, similar to the “in-house” attorneys employed by larger Corporations. Services are customized to fit the needs of each individual business. This service can help proactive business owners identify and understand the daily legal issues and needswith a more affordable structure that fits the client’s budget.

While every business is different, issues that might be addressed during the scope of an “Outside General Counsel” arrangement can include:

  • Attendance at monthly corporate staff/board meetings in order to identify corporate issues requiring legal attention
  • Corporate maintenance issues, updating of corporate minutes, review of company’s practices for potential of piercing the corporate veil and other exposure to liability
  • Review of existing contracts and discussion of strengths/weaknesses in contracts, website terms and conditions (yours and others), for use in upcoming negotiations and to defend against potential liability
  • Negotiation of contracts with vendors and/or clients, commercial leases, distribution agreements, agency agreements, and annotation of such documents so as to provide business owners with an understanding of their rights and obligations under the contracts, and an understanding of which terms in so-called “form” contracts are and are not negotiable
  • Issues arising from the purchase or sale of stock in a business, or membership interests in an LLP, or partnership interests
  • Collection of debts from clients and settlement of disputes with clients, vendors, employees and others